The benefits extend far beyond the fertility stage, positively impacting the quality of plants, the health of livestock, and consequently the health of consumers.

Bactériolit & Bactériosol

Bactériolit is a 100% natural composting additive recognised by the French Administration as CMO (Complex of micro-organisms) for composting without turning over manure and to obtain a marketable organic amendment compliant with NFU 44-051 standard and not subject to the Land Application Plan. It quickly activates the biological transformation of manure and slurry into humus and improves their efficiency, notably by reorganising the forms of nitrogen that they contain.

Bactériosol technology is based on the action of certain micro-organisms spontaneously arising from Marcel Mézy Technologies. It recycles the mineral elements not absorbed by the plants and rapidly increases the humus content of the soil. It boosts soil fertility by allowing the soil to release its natural nutritive potential, and restores all the necessary elements for good plant growth. With Bactériosol, inputs can be sharply reduced, profit margins improved, and self-sufficiency and yields increased. This one-of-a-kind technology focuses on “life” and beneficially impacts soil health and life.

National Ploughing Championships

Bactériolit & Bactériosol @National Ploughing Championship

Bactériolit & Bactériosol @The National Ploughing Championships

Christmas Tree Project

SOBAC Customer who grows Christmas Trees

Bactériolit & Bactériosol Customer who grows Christmas Trees

Bacteriosol Winter Barley

Bacteriosol Winter Barley

Winter Barley in Cork with Bacteriosol on the left. Roots are deeper and stronger.

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