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Today, planet-wide, practically all cultivated soils have lost their fertility. Leading to erosion, compaction and asphyxia. Humus, the element in the soil that enables nutrients and water to be retained, is often degraded.

We therefore have to add more water and nutrients to enable plants to grow, which is very costly and produces environmentally harmful effects, particularly for air and water. The technologies invented by Marcel Mézy, which SOBAC markets, allows this humus to be produced and to improve the functioning of the soil, while respecting the environment and even helping combat global warming.

Our company P & T Stapleton Limited was established in 2011 with headquarters in Naas, Co Kildare. In 2012, we began collaborating with SOBAC. As the main distributor for Sobac’s product in Ireland, we work in partnership with farmers to improve the biological structure of the soil and have met some wonderful people. We take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their continued and loyal support!

Tom Stapleton
Managing Director

Testimonials & Results

Testimonials and Results

Feedback - Sean McDermott
Sean McDermott
Dairy cow farmer (2015)

Sean MC Dermott is a dairy cow farmer in Co. Galway, in Ireland

Testimony from Sean McDermott, dairy farmer, using BACTERIOSOL® and BACTERIOLIT®

Eamon use Bacteriolit to enhance values of manure and Bacteriosol to provide natural fertilization.

  • Paddocks better cleaned out.
  • Growth of the grass.
  • No more chemical inputs.
  • Better rooting.
  • Optimised use of effluents.
  • Major improvement on the farm.
  • More microbial activity in the soil.

Feedback - William Downes
William Downes
Dairy cow farmer (2015)
Toomevara, Nenagh, CO. Tipperary, IRLANDE
Crop Production

As regards to milk, yield would be up. I supply Arrabawn Coop with milk, and I won a milk award in 2014, the quality milk award

William Downes is dairy cow farmer in Ireland. He only rears the calves from calf to 1 year and a half and then he sells them.

His farm: 22 hectares on the home block for the grazing platform for the cows + 8 hectares / Presently they are milking 62 cows.

Bactériosol concentré (since 2013) / Fertilization of soil
Bactériolit (since 2013) / Optimised use of effluents

Testimony from William Downes, dairy farmer in Ireland using BACTERIOSOL® and BACTERIOLIT®

I am farming in Tipperary since 1994 when my father passed away. We were milking and we had some sucklers, a bit of everything. Once I took over, I decided to specialize in dairy. I only rear the calves from calf to 1 year and a half and then we sell them. I farm 33 hectares, we were farming a little bit more but the motorway took some of it away.

We are intensive. There are 22 hectares on the home block for the grazing platform for the cows, and they are 8 hectares here, where we are standing at the moment. Presently we are milking 62 cows, with quotas now gone, we will probably go up to 70, and maybe a bit more. We will have to see from year to year, it also depends on milk price. We will probably keep less calves, and sell the calf once it is born.

I have first heard about SOBAC 3 years ago, through my brother in law John Bergin. John was the first man in Tipperary to use the product, Bacteriosol. That was the first product he has used and he then started with Bacteriolit. I got to see the way it worked on his farm. First of all, I have used Bacteriosol, I think we spread 5 bags then last year we have started using Bacteriolit through the slurry because I would be generating a lot of slurry. I have an over ground slurry storage and an underground tank, it is ideal for mixing through the slurry in the winter time, to spread it in the spring.

Basically I have seen the results that my brother in law had in his farm.

The results were there, I could see it

I saw the way he was using it and the results he was getting in his cow paddocks particularly. Cows were eating out the paddocks fully. Also, grass was coming back quicker and so I told myself, “If it is working for him it should work for me”.

I have started using the Bacteriolit with the slurry; I have seen even better results with that. I put it in the slurry in the winter time, we agitate it in early spring and we spread it in February and then in April for silage. We have seen that the cows are cleaning out paddocks better. And the other thing I have to say is that with Bacteriolit in the slurry, it becomes very easy to agitate, there is no smell and the slurry is very easy to spread.

I would honestly say that stock is striving on grass.

As regards to milk, yield would be up. I supply Arrabawn Coop with milk, and I won a milk award in 2014, the “quality milk” award

The award was based on tests results of fat, protein, cell count and bacteria count. My average fat for 2014 was 4.30, my average protein was 3.50, my cell count was 87, and my bacteria count was 13.

Cost wise, as regards to fertilizer, application of other fertilizer, nitrogen would be reduced and also you don’t have to apply lime and P and K, so you are actually saving on artificial fertilizer.

As regards to silage quality, where I would be putting out the slurry, silage wise it would be good, and particularly last year the DMD was 60. I would say I am getting more grass.

I will continue to use Bacteriolit in the slurry. I have seen it working very well. I would recommend farmers to try it and see the results for themselves. They can come, I can show them particular paddocks, particular fields that has got both Bacteriosol and Bacteriolit.

He uses Bacteriosol to fertilise the soil naturaly and Bacteriolit to optimised use of effluents.

  • Milk award in 2014.
  • Cows are cleaning out paddocks better.
  • Slurry is very easy to spread.
  • Less smell.
  • Slurry is very easy to agitate.
  • As regards to milk, yield would be up.
  • Reduction of fertilizer costs.
  • More grass.

Feedback - Sean O'Sullivan
Sean O’Sullivan
Limousine breeder (2015)
Co. Kerry, IRELAND

Sean O’Sullivan is a pedigree Limousine breeder and veterinary in Ireland

Testimony from Sean O’Sullivan, Limousine breeder using BACTERIOSOL® and BACTERIOLIT®

He is using Bacteriolit and Bacteriosol since 2013.

  • Better sward quality.
  • A better sod.
  • Better quality of our silage.
  • Less waste.
  • Return of clover in the pasture.
  • Less ammonia.
  • Less worm damage.
  • Improvement of diversity around the place.
  • A better environment to work.

Feedback - Kim McCALL
Kim McCall
Cow and ewe breeder (2015)
Co. Kildare, IRELAND

The yields go up, and we get less and less water logging

Kim McCall is a cow and ewes breeder in Ireland. He raises 70 Aubrac cows and 85 cross bred Rouge ewes. The farm is 85 hectares, all in one block, consists of some wood lands and the rest is all permanent pasture.

Testimony from Kim McCall, Irish Aubrac breeder using BACTERIOSOL® and BACTERIOLIT®

We got to know about SOBAC, first of all, my wife met Christophe and Marcel Mezy in France at the Cournon show. I was not at that show but the following year I went and she introduced me to Christophe. Then a couple years later Christophe came over here and explain the principle again to me, and we went from there.

He uses Bactériosol to fertilize cereals and grasslands and Bactériolit to valorize manures (since 2012).

  • The yields go up.
  • Less and less water logging.
  • Better break down of farmyard manure.
  • Quick absorption of manures by the soil.
  • There is no smell concerning slurry.
  • Dry matter is higher.
  • The grass level up.
  • The cows are happy.
  • The heifers are gaining around 1 kg to 1.1 kg a day and the bulls would be 1.3 upwards
  • Better routing.
  • The grass is still green whereas before it would have burnt off.
  • More productivity.

George Coyle
Commercial Hay Producer

The stock always seems to prefer Bacteriosol grass, grazing the paddock out evenly


I do keep some stock and because I have paddocks fertilised with either chemicals or Bacteriosol I can compare the difference. The stock always seems to prefer Bacteriosol grass, grazing the paddock out evenly. When it comes to making hay the process is definitely easier. The grass isn’t pumped with nitrogen and excess moisture. I’ve had the hay tested and the results show that protein and dry matter content is higher in the hay cut from a field where I have spread Bacteriosol and my customers want that hay. We have way more worms with Bacteriosol. Worms are so important for soil health

Guy O’ Callaghan
Grangemore Stud

I was looking for a natural way to fertilise the land and it fitted in with my plan!


I started using Bacteriosol from Sobac a few years ago. I was watching a farm that started using the process and decided to use it myself. I was looking for a natural way to fertilise the land and it fitted in with my plan. The fields recover very well after the winter and the grass growth is consistent. The horses look well, overall I am happy with the product.

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