Bactériosol® Booster 10 & 50

Bactériosol® Booster 10 is used as a culture medium for certain vegetation that results in the formation of media with a porosity in air and water that enables the development of roots and contact with nutritional solutions in the rhizosphere.

Bactériosol® Booster 50, organic amendment NF U44-051, improves physical, chemical or biological properties of the rhizospherical soil

Bacteriosol®Booster 10 & 50

Access to minerals and water are optimized for nutrition and thus the development of your plants. Consequently, a better homogeneity of the crop is observed, especially in terms of maturity, which gives an optimum quality of the crop harvested. 


Bactériosol Booster, thanks to spontaneous micro-organisms from Marcel Mézy Technologies (specifically, fungi and bacteria), improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the rhizosphere, to promote:

  • soil-plant exchanges
  • root development
  • micro-organisms, particularly mycorrhizal fungi
  • rhizospheric soil humus as close as possible to the seed.

The plant can better express its potential, in terms of both yield and quality. It withstands external aggressions better and is better able to use the water in the soil while using less inputs.

The action of Bactériosol Booster is localised at the rhizosphere, while Bactériolit or Bactériosol, applied on the surface, acts over the entire soil.



  • Develops mycorrhizal exchanges
  • Develops rooting
  • Greater resistance to external aggressions / diseases
  • Crop homogeneity
  • Optimises quality and yield
  • Replaces starter fertiliser
  • Participates in increasing gross profit margin
  • Saves on inputs
  • Saves water